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    The plans

    Your website could be vulnerable to malware, viruses or even hackers! SiteLock Security – the global leader in website security, will not only protect your website from these threats but will help you prevent it from happening again. With the SMART scanning tool running daily, SiteLock Security will give you peace of mind about the security of your website and business.

        • Find
        • $119.88
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        • Daily Scanning for 25 Pages
          1-Time Vulnerability Scan
        • Fix
        • $239.88
        • PER YEAR
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        • Daily Scanning for 500 Pages
          Automatic Malware Removal
        • Accelerate
        • $239.88
        • PER YEAR
        • ORDER NOW
        • Traffic Stats
          True Speed (Faster Website Loading)
        • Prevent
        • $239.88
        • PER YEAR
        • ORDER NOW
        • Web App Firewall
          Block Automated Bot Attacks
    SiteLock is like
    health insurance for you and your family antivirus for your computer insurance for your car lock screen on your smartphone


    Vulnerability Scanning

    Malware Detection

    Automated Pen Testing

    Source Code Testing


    Eliminate Backdoors

    Automatic Malware Removal

    Vulnerability Remediation


    Managed Web App Firewall

    DDoS Prevention

    Backdoor Mitigation

    SQLi & XSS Prevention

    The features

    Daily Scanning

    SiteLock’s SMART tool does an in-depth daily analysis of your website to detect and remove hidden malware along with any malicious or suspicious files.

    Remove threats

    Don’t let threats to your website hang over your head. If the SMART tool finds any suspicious activity on your website such as malware, they will completely remove the threat.

    Security Dashboard

    Review and monitor any threats to your website right from your security dashboard.

    Black List Monitoring

    Being blacklisted can ruin your business’ reputation and can lead to your site being quarantined by Google. SiteLock Security will actively protect your website from landing on search engine blacklists with monitoring and reputation management.

    SiteLock Trust Seal

    Showcase the SiteLock Security Trust Seal on your site to give you added credibility to your site visitors. Adding the seal to your site will prove to your customers that you can be trusted.


    SiteLock’s expert customer service team is available 24/7 to help you eliminate any active or potential threats that may appear on your site. Rely on their expert advice to answer any website security questions you may have.

    Stay safe

    SSL certificates

    Your online store needs to be secure! Make sure visitors are comfortable submitting their personal information on your website by getting an SSL Certificate.

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