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    Fax machine is antique!
    Send and receive faxes online by email.
    Try it free for 30 days!**
    fax 300 $9.95/mo

    Send and/or receive 300 fax pages*


    The plans

    fax 500 $17.95/mo

    Send and/or receive 500 fax pages*


    * Additional Page - $0.10/page
    ** Try it free for 30 Days! No risk. No obligation.

    fax 1000 $31.95/mo

    Send and/or receive 1000 fax pages*


    The features

    Go Green Go Paperless!

    With the elimination of the fax machine you will no longer need endless stacks of paper and toner! Not only will you be saving money you will be helping the environment!

    Toll Free Fax Number

    All plans include a North American toll free fax to email number - save money by canceling your costly second phone line and also save on long distance.

    Easy-to-use online interface

    Manage your online faxing from one online interface - easily add cover pages, manage mail folders, view real-time usage reports and access archived faxes for up to 30 days.

    File support

    Create and send files in a variety of document formats including .doc (Microsoft Word), .xls (Microsoft Excel), .pdf (Adobe), along with JPEG and TIFF images.

    PC/Mac compatible

    Receive faxes in your desktop inbox or on your handheld device with no extra software required. You can also download your faxes from the online interface and save them to your hard drive in PDF or TIFF format.

    Additional Toll Free Fax to Email features

    Send the same fax to up to 20 different fax numbers at once; receive success/fail receipt confirmations and auto-resend (up to 5 attempts).

    Business email

    Represent your brand as a successful and established business. Get Business Email for as little as $2.95/mo.


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