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    What are Premium Domains?

    What is a Premium Domain?

    A Premium Domain is a domain that has already been registered, but is also made available for sale. Anyone can buy a Premium Domain name, and this is a great way to get a domain that you might otherwise be unable to register.

    Why does a Premium Domain cost more?

    A Premium Domain costs more because it is shorter and more memorable, and may already have search engine traffic coming in to it. However, after the initial purchase, the renewal price is the standard rate.

    Why would I want a premium domain?

    Premium Domains are highly sought after because they are often short, easy-to-remember domains with common keywords that wouldn’t be available otherwise. Your domain name represents your brand and business, which is why it’s so important for small businesses to find a domain that matches their brand name. While Bob might have settled for in the past, now Bob can get!
    Plus, Premium Domains have a higher value than non-existent domains because they already have search traffic from Google coming to their website!

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